What Is Integrated Storytelling?

Integrated Storytelling is the basis for audience-centric story experiences that apply, combine, and transcend disciplines and technologies to build and grow through every encounter with anyone who engages with them. Used as a design method, Integrated Storytelling creates a synergy between the story and the experience, while empowering the audience with new roles and ways to immerse themselves in engaging memorable moments. For storytellers, designers and brands, the principles unlock new ways of bringing their stories to life. For anyone who enters the story experiences they create, Integrated Storytelling opens the door to new, exciting adventures that leave them with lasting memories.

It all started at AdventureLAB, the integrated storytelling and experience design studio, located in the beautiful city of Aarhus in Denmark. At AdventureLAB, we don’t just write stories, we design them. We acknowledge the importance of adapting them to new media and technology. Modern technological achievements are not making storytelling redundant; rather, they represent opportunities to explore and experience stories in new ways.

Now we are sharing this knowledge with organisations and educational institutions around the world. We are offering our Integrated Storytelling MasterClass as a fast-track, one- or two-day course, focused on learning and practising the principles of storytelling and the integration of these across media platforms and disciplines.