Have your story experience project showcased on IntegratedStorytelling.com

We believe that story experiences created with Integrated Storytelling principles are memorable moments that engage audiences in new ways, spark innovation within the creative industries, and inspire other creators.

We want to celebrate and share projects that have these qualities. Therefore, we call creators, designers, storytellers, engineers, project managers from all around the world to share with us and the Integrated Storytelling community projects that have shifted the industry forward.

The purpose is to build an inspirational library of Integrated Storytelling Cases of projects, small or large, with modest or generous budgets, known worldwide or recognised locally. It is essential that they reached audiences’ hearts and minds, creating long-lasting memories, delivered guest experiences in new, innovative ways.


We have selected a list of requirements to help creators submit their story experiences:

The project integrates storytelling with an experience to make it come alive as an experience in a new way.
The project has a well-developed storyverse; the story and the world of characters, creatures, places etc., it presents to audiences.
The project successfully allows the audience to enter the storyverse and become part of it.
The project has a clear strategy and design for the role and modality of the audience in order to make them influence the story experience.
The project integrates multiple disciplines; besides storytelling and experience design, it may be theatre, robotics, AI, XR, gameplay or something completely different. 
Furthermore, we would like to know if the project team has knowingly or unknowingly applied some methods and principles from the Integrated Storytelling by Design book, such as Modular Storytelling, MicroStories, StorySpheres, MicroExperiences or Integrated Experiential Narratives.

Submission process

Sharing a project with us for review is a two-step selection process.
If we finally pick your project, we will dedicate a page for it on this website. The content of the page will reflect what you send us in the submission form. Of course, this will include any team or company information you have shared with us to credit the project’s creators.

First – Send us a brief email

For the first round of selection, we will need a brief project description from you for pre-approval.

Send an email to adventurelab@adventurelabstudio.com
with the subject line “Integrated Storytelling Case” and in a maximum of 400 words describe your project and why it belongs to the Integrated Stotyelling Cases library.


Second – Send additional information

Should we find your project suitable for the Integrated Storytelling case library, we will reach out to you for additional information. At that point, we will send you a submission form to fill out with more details.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

With this library of Integrated Storytelling Cases, we want to show how combining storytelling and experience design with a strategical design mindset can evolve any industry, where the story experience makes a difference. We are not just looking for themed entertainment, games or brand activation, as the potential for Integrated Storytelling is so much wider.

Please note!
If we decide not to share your project as an Integrated Storytelling case, it is not because we do not like it. It may be a fantastic project, but it does not showcase the criteria that have been defined for the cases.

There are no fees for submission or for having a project presented online as a case on IntegratedStorytelling.com. We do this in support of and as an inspiration to those interested in the principles and methods presented in the Integrated Storytelling by Design book.