Klaus Sommer Paulsen
CEO and Founder of AdventureLAB

Online event

Language: English



Student Q&A with Klaus Sommer Paulsen, author of Integrated Storytelling by Design

Are you a student? Is storytelling relevant to your education? 

Have you perhaps read or thought about reading the book “Integrated Storytelling by Design” and have questions for the author? You can ask all your questions and even get some guidance for your semester project or paper.

The session is open for students worldwide!

The session will be for students from all over the world who study or work with storytelling or experience design on various platforms and may have exams and projects coming up soon! You will have the possibility to ask Klaus questions about the book’s content and how it relates to the subject you study. You might be studying the following (but not only):

  • Filmmaking

  • New Media

  • Gaming

  • Screenwriting

  • Visual Storytelling

  • Media Production

  • Marketing

  • Experience Design

  • Branding

  • Cultural heritage

  • Art

Even if you have already read the book or are thinking to do so, the session will be a great way to get to know the concepts from the book better and put them in context.
This event will last up to one hour.

Remember to register

If you are interested in attending, please remember to register for the online session on Eventbrite! We will send you the event link shortly before the day of the Q&A.
Can’t make the time? Register and we will send you a recording after the event.
The recording can be used for revisiting the session if you need to recall the talk, but you can also use it as a reference in your projects and exams.

Integrated Storytelling by Design
Concepts, Principles and Methods for New Narrative Dimensions
The author presents a bold new vision of what storytelling can become if it is reinvented as an audience-centric design method. His practices unlock new ways of combining story with experience for a variety of existing, new and upcoming platforms. Merging theory and practice, storytelling and design principles, this innovative toolkit instructs the next generation of creators on how to successfully balance narratives, design and digital innovation to develop strategies and concepts that both apply and transcend current technology. – Routledge.com